Kinstellar sets up COVID-19 Legal Response Hotline to assist businesses

Kinstellar has set up a dedicated COVID-19 Legal Task Force and a Legal Response Hotline service available to its partners. The Task Force is already advising companies across industries and sectors on legal and strategy issues connected to the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation. You can contact the COVID-19 Legal Response Hotline at [email protected].

To further help mitigate the impact of the pandemic on businesses, Kinstellar have also created a special COVID-19 Resource Hub where you can find the latest updates of the most significant developments and governmental measures in its countries of operation: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

The Task Force accepts all queries as to how to handle the impact of the coronavirus situation on your business from a legal perspective, how to ensure compliance of the measures you have or intend to put in place as a matter of precaution or preparation, how to mitigate your contractual exposure to your suppliers, clients and customers, lenders or borrowers, how to address situations in which your ability to execute or complete transactions, filings or the like is restricted by government or public authority measures, how to deal with disclosure or notification obligations relating to the coronavirus situation, or other questions of a legal nature.

Kinstellar will strive to provide initial high-level guidance to all inquiries sent to its hotline service as soon as possible but within one business day at the latest, with no fees being charged for such guidance.