KONTRAX with Donation in the Fight Against the Coronavirus

KONTRAX extends free of charge the subscription contracts for its software products from the family Hippocrates for the doctors of the outpatient care and the diagnostic and consulting centers with the term of the state of emergency accepted in the country.

This means that nearly 4,000 doctors in Bulgaria will be assisted with the total amount of nearly BGN 100,000 in their daily work.

As a socially responsible company, KONTRAX is empathetic to the efforts of the Bulgarian medics to protect the lives of every Bulgarian citizen and to restrain the pandemic with COVID-19 in our country.

Since the beginning of the health reform in Bulgaria, KONTRAX has been having a special focus on health information systems. The most recognizable medical software among physicians in Bulgaria today belongs to the product family Hippocrates, the first version of the product – Hippocrates GP, is released in 2001.


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