Take 3 months free access to HeRMeS eXpress STAYHOME.

The world expected a crisis, but no one imagined it in this form, so fast and with so immediate effect on all aspects of our lives. After the declared State of Emergency in Bulgaria to deal with the COVID-19 crisis, more and more companies are adapting their operational processes to remote working and home office. It is evident the employers’ commitment to provide employees with a secure working environment, which is an important prerequisite not only for fulfilling their current commitments to customers and partners but also for preserving business and market positions after the crisis.

We, the team of TechnoLogica – a company with 25-years’ experience in developing and maintaining software for human resource management, would like to express our solidarity and support to small and medium enterprises in Bulgaria in this difficult situation by providing it a free of charge access for three months to the software for effective organization of remote working process.

The HeRMeS eXpress STAYHOME package combines modules for:
  1. Administration of assignments
  2. Leaves
  3. Home office
  4. Tasks management.

The HeRMeS eXpress STAYHOME package will provide companies with the opportunity to continue working effectively and still observing the recommendations for social distance and limiting the spread of COVID-19. Choosing HeRMeS eXpress STAYHOME you will give to your employees an access to Self-Service procedures for Leaves and Home Office requests, and equip your managers with a digital tool for precise task management and detailed HR information for their team members. Additionally, you will demonstrate high adaptability, readiness to implement modern technological solutions and responsibility towards community in this emergent situation.

We kindly invite you to join the 30-minute WEBINAR on 07.04.2020, 03:00 p.m. to find out more about the possibilities of the system and how it can be useful for you.

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