AmCham Proposes Changes in Emergency Law, Art. 3 to Prevent Ban of Public Procurement

On April 2nd, 2020 AmCham Bulgaria filed an official statement at the Parliament to propose changes in the Art. 3 of the Emergency Act (The Law for the Measures and Activities to be Implemented during the Emergency Situation, declared on March 13, 2020).

AmCham was alerted by members that this article is vague and it could lead to stop any public procurement process and procedures in the country.

“Public procurement is important for the continuation of strategic public projects in digital transformation, energy, cyber security, etc., and linked with them deliveries of hardware, software, maintenance, upgrade, etc. This article, along with the others linked with it, can cause damage to whole sectors, and to the economy as a whole. State is a major player as a buyer and consumer of services. By hurdling the public procurement, state could erase paying taxes generated by those projects,” gives economic arguments the Chamber.

Advocacy and Legislation

On April 3rd, 2020 the Chamber was present at the first hearing of the Amendments and Supplements of the Emergency Act. Our organization was represented by Svetlin Adriyanov, Leagal Leader, EY Bulgaria and its position was dully stated. His opinion was recorded in the protocol.

The proposed changes was adopted by the legislators, and the updated text was presented for first hearing at a Plenary Session of the Parliament.

Read the letter in Bulgarian.