BCause Foundation – here to help you help during the COVID-19 crisis in Bulgaria

“COVID-19 separated us physically but it also brought us closer socially than we’ve ever been$ – the motto we work under since the first day of the state of emergency. In this extreme situation we carry on doing what we do best – connecting donors and causes. We support volunteer groups and NGOs, and we provide companies with an easy option to respond to the crisis by also including their employees.

Not only we are raising money, but we manage to use them immediately so as to cover urgent needs of the hospitals and medics: personal protective means and consumables, medical respiratory equipment.

The initial campaign grew bigger and as of 31 March 2020 there are 8 major campaigns, linked to the COVID-19 crisis, which can be supported by donations:

  1. Main campaign: #Forthegood against COVID-19 in Bulgaria – managed by #Forthegood Project and BCause Foundation
  2. Let’s help the hospitals (and shave Alex) – in favor of #Forthegood Project and BCause Foundation
  3. A regional campaign #Forthegood STARA ZAGORA against COVID-19 – managed by #Forthegood Project and BCause Foundation
  4. A regional campaign of Lions Club “Mirror” in support of UMHAT “Dr. G.Stranski” EAD, Pleven: United for Pleven against COVID-19
  5. Let’s help in taking care of the elderly in 11 villages – A soup kitchen for elderly and disabled, by “Project Northwest” Foundation
  6. BABA Residence raising donations for medicines, disinfection sprays and food for elderly in villages.
  7. Reach Out against COVID-19 – an initiative by “You can come, too” Foundation in support of lonely, sick, elderly, people with disabilities, poor people.
  8. Ventilator and oxygen concentrator for the Obstetric-Gynaecological Hospital in Varna – campaign, initiated by the hospital itself.

United Donation Number 17 777, or DMS, managed by BCause Foundation together with Bulgarian Donor Forum, is also active in the crisis.

On 26 March a national donation campaign was announced by the Ministry of Health at #DMSbg in support of the medics, working in the COVID-19 environment. The goal is to collect 5 million leva for equipment and protective wear.

You can text DMS SOLIDARNOST to 17777 and donate online at DMSbg.com

As of 31 March 2020

the total amount of the donations to BCause Foundation is 954 209 leva and expenditure is 691 637 leva

(check the map of donations)

Big part of this sum has been donated by companies, many of which have actively included their employees:

Ubisoft – 20,000 leva, CheckoutX – 10,000 leva, Chaos Group – 200,000 leva, Dreamix.eu – 4,125 leva, Oil company Zara – 72,960 leva, Anton Dushev – 10,000 leva, Karrol Knowledge Foundation- 10,000 leva, Bright Marketing Research – 5,000 leva

Giving employees encouraged by their companies: Citi Bulgaria (gave 6,000 leva), Chaos Group (23,560 leva), Еxperian, Management Financial Group (MFG) and VMware (continues)

Other corporate projects with BCause Foundation:

  • Philip Morris Bulgaria – for the purchase of medical drugs and protective equipment – 320,000 leva
  • Velev Invest ООD – 50 000 leva – In support of volunteer non-government organizations, helping people with disadvantages, socially isolated or the elderly.

What can you do?

If you want to contribute to all these immense efforts to face the crisis together, we are here to assist you! You can choose and donate to one of the above options or organize an individual programme or a campaign for your employees!

Please contact Iva Petrova / [email protected]  +359 885 731768