UBB donates the fees for BGN fund transfers via UBB Mobile

United Bulgarian Bank (UBB) is going to donate its fees for BGN fund transfers, effected via the mobile banking application UBB Mobile over the entire month of April for the cause of combating the coronavirus. The Bank aims at encouraging more people to stay at their homes and effect core banking transactions from home as an alternative to visiting a bank branch. UBB will donate the collected amount from fees to Bulgarian hospitals in highest need.

„We believe that our role for the health and well-being of society in the present emergency situation is twice bigger. The initiated measures evidence our absolute financial support and also our willingness to help society turn digital in a quicker way than anticipated“, commented Peter Andronov, Chief Executive Officer of UBB and Country Manager of KBC Group for Bulgaria.

These measures of UBB target boosting the use of digital channels’ full capacity for banking and financial services, while strictly observing the requirements for social distancing along with involving clients in the cause for combating COVID-19.

The mobile banking application UBB Mobile is a specialized application for mobile devices and in the present situations it is an appropriate alternative to visiting a bank branch. It provides a lot of functionalities, such as payments of rentals, leases, mortgages, utility bills, fund transfers to relatives and friends, obtaining a pre-approved loan. Among operations, accessible by clients via their mobile phones, there are also debit card issuance, deferral of credit card purchases, as well as obtaining information about accounts, cards and transactions in real time.

Clients, who have so far not used UBB mobile or online banking should register with their Personal ID Number or Client Number in UBB Online and after that should download the mobile banking application UBB Mobile from Google Play or App Store. After entering a user name and a login password in the online banking clients will receive an access code via an SMS. The last step is the creation of a PIN code and the selection of a login manner – with either a PIN code or a fingerprint.