Quarter of a century AmCham Bulgaria is building the U.S.-Bulgarian business Agenda

by Petar T. Ivanov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria, for The Business Club Magazine, Issue 3, 2020 (short version)

AmCham is among the leading of the bilateral chambers in Bulgaria. It is a mere fact because app. 90% of the U.S. companies that operate in the country are its members, as well as of the sustainable institutional dialog. What does it mean for the business environment and the small and medium businesses?

Network and Reputation

The reputation of the Chamber is of enormous importance of our positioning in front of either our members and authorities and international partners. It is directly linked with the reputation of our members too.

We are part of AmChams in Europe (АСЕ), which has 45 member-chambers from 44 countries. Thanks to our excellent relations with ACE and our well-prepared application, we were selected to be host of the Annual Meeting of ACE for 2020 in October. This four-day event gives us unique opportunity to represent our chamber, Bulgaria with our culture and traditions, as well as our business environment with our mature innovation eco-system.

We are member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, based in D.C. which unites 3 million members across America.

Small among big

Our organization is open for SMEs too. We often use this cliche: which is small when in a digitized and innovative economy thanks to your talent and knowledge you can make income comparable with those of the large multinationals. We provide vast range of activation and positioning – via our committees and working groups, events and position papers for improvement of the business climate.

Institutional dialogue

Our results give us confidence that AmCham is among the strategic partners of the Bulgarian government, ministries, as well as with our most valuable partner – the U.S. Embassy in Sofia.

Since its establishment, the Chamber follows its main principles: rule of law, predictability of any government’s policy as well as policies for retention and support of investments. Any investor – foreign or local – progresses when those conditions are in place.

Among our main achievements is the cancellation of double taxation between the United States and Bulgaria. Today, AmCham is valuable partner in digital economy, e-governance, labor market development, education.

Next 25

In the end of 2019 we organized first-ever business round table at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C. with one third of the Bulgarian Government. There the Bulgarian Prime Minister and ministers met with 14 of the leading U.S. corporations which were interested to realize more about the business potential of our country.

Thus, we are looking with positivism towards next 25 years. Also, we hope that we can achieve success by developing our national potential. Working for the sake of the Transatlantic relations, we are working for the benefit and prosperity of Bulgaria in economy, politics, and people relations.

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