Amendments in the Act on the Measures and Actions during the State of Emergency

Yesterday, 9 April 2020, amendments in the Act on the Measures and Actions during the State of Еmergency Declared by a Resolution of the National Assembly of 13 March 2020 (“the Act”) were published in an extra edition of State Gazette.

Initially, the Act was adopted in order to introduce emergency measures to mitigate the negative consequences for citizens and legal entities to which the COVID-19 crisis has led.

The present amendments of the Act are aimed not only at additional measures in this regards, but also a change in certain provisions which have resulted in many discussions in society and in the professional circles in recent weeks.

The amendments enter into force as of 9 April 2020, with the exception of the provision regulating the extension of certain administrative procedure terms (including terms concerning public procurement procedures, concession procedures, etc.) which will enter into force seven days after the publication.

You can find highlights of the main changes, as well as a comparison between the previous and the current version of the Act, here.

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