Kontrax initiates support for the Bulgarian doctors

Kontrax together with 6 other software companies specialized in health informatics (Skyware GroupGlobal Systems SolutionsDanina-G, Bon ArtMedik Soft, andA.S.Systems) have offered our co-developed cloud systems for e-prescription and e-referral for diagnostic tests for free usage during the state of emergency.

As of January 2020, 76% of all e-referrals for laboratory tests in Bulgaria were processed electronically (365 913 out from about 480 000 referrals issued in total). This has become possible due to the continuous efforts of the mentioned Bulgarian software companies for the last 4 years.

The e-prescription system works in a similar way (as soon as the doctor issues a prescription, it is sent securely to a cloud server and when the patient goes to the pharmacy the prescription is automatically downloaded in the software system of the pharmacy) and is planned to enter in production mode by mid-April 2020.

All the protocols are open and with a small move from the central authorities these systems could quickly become national. This will allow doctors, laboratories, pharmacies to offer quicker and better services, significantly reducing the time that the patient needs to spend at these places. We believe this could contribute to the battle against the spread of the virus.

Watch the KONTRAX story in the video – here