EYnovation: Do You Have Sufficient Supplies of Confidence?

Over the past weeks, with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading quickly over the planet, we see a huge impact on the economy. In Bulgaria and all over the place small businesses, start-up and scale-up companies with limited funds available will be hit most severely. As a business owner you probably are having millions of questions related to labor law, revenue planning, financial forecasting, government grants and incentives.

As a consultant working closely with entrepreneurs for many years, we know how difficult it is for you right now. Securing enough cash and shoring up liquidity is critical to getting through the next few weeks and months. Survival is the ultimate objective.

To help you navigate through this tough time, we have decided to activate EYnovation – EY special subscription-based program for startups and scaleups now for free by the end of the emergency state and with an option for deferred payment for two months after the end of emergency state.

EYnovation is the program that brings together the experience of seasoned tax, legal, accounting and finance professionals channeled through a single relationship manager who will be available for your day-to-day business matter questions.
Our intention is to help you grow from where your processes, practices and operations currently are to the operational excellency that will impress your investor and lessen the risks for your business.

To learn more about the program please reach to us to learn for program admission criteria.