Home Bottled Water Deliveries Increase During Stay at Home Period

Atlantic Divine, Bulgaria’s leading bottled water company Devin JSC home-office delivery (HOD) entity marks rising consumer interest in bottled water deliveries for home consumption during the state of emergency in Bulgaria. The company is adjusting its operations model to respond adequately to new demands for both gallons with dispensers as well as multipacks.

Regularly, the HOD business in Bulgaria is mainly concentrated in public & private sector spaces (office buildings, factories, sports centers, universities, public buildings, etc.) The HOD market reached 122 m liters in 2019 of which over 50% was mineral water.

“We understand that the need for at-home water delivery is critical to help the nation in its efforts to reduce going out as much as possible in order to help stop the spread of the virus. This is way we have put additional logistics to secure the on-time delivery of gallons and multipacks directly to households across Sofia and Plovdiv. What is more, some of our business clients, whose offices are now closed can offer this to their employees as a form of a social benefit a company can provide to show care in times of crisis”, said Rosen Genovski, Chief Operations Manager of Atlantic Divine JSC.

Regular hydration is proven to have several positive effects on the body. Hydration plays a key role in keeping us healthy and ensuring that all our body functions run efficiently, without any problems. Staying hydrated is recommended for weight loss, healthy skin and hair, and for boosting our immunity.

Atlantic Divine offers gallons and multipacks direct to home delivery within 48 hrs to Sofia and Plovdiv at an upgraded website www.devin2u.bg and at 0700 700 80. All company employees and deliveries cohere to the highest safety measures.

For further information:

Dragomir Gyurov
Public affairs and communications, Devin JSC
+359 884 700 415
[email protected]