The logistics company cargo-partner tests all its employees with PCR tests for the corona virus.

On April 22, leading logistics company launches weekly testing of its employees for the COVID-19.

The company organizes sampling of all its 102 employees with the most accurate test currently available – DNA PCR diagnostics. The company is currently operating without disruption to the workflow and offers the full range of services, despite the pandemic of COVID-19 and the state of emergency that adversely affect the entire logistics sector.

Strict procedures for safety and hygiene at work are observed on the territory of the logistics center of the company. As a next step in protecting employees’ health and in the fight against the spread of the virus, the cargo-partner decided to undertake widespread PCR testing, thus limiting and completely preventing the virus from spreading to its employees.

In this endeavor, the cargo partner cooperates with the Genetic Medical Diagnostic Laboratory in Sofia. Samples are taken by specialists in the logistics center of the company, and the results are available the next day. The purpose of the mass survey is to preserve the normally functioning work processes and the health and tranquility of the most valuable resource of the company – the employees.

In speech to the staff, Manager Dimcho Dimchev highlighted the reasons for the weekly testing “… safe working conditions are key to our efficiency and, above all, to the personal condition of each member of our team. We need to ensure the continuity of the workflow as quickly as possible while maintaining trust, customer focus and a relaxed work atmosphere.”

By regularly testing our employees, our partner wants to ensure continuity in the supply chain, which is extremely important at the moment. In a secure work environment, the partner’s employees will be calm and motivated to offer the most appropriate logistics solutions for the purpose.