Petar T. Ivanov: The Digital Cloud is the Future of Bulgaria

Just before the novel coronavirus crisis outbreak, Petar T. Ivanov shared some of his views about the future of Bulgaria in the era of digital clouds for the March issue of the Manager Magazine.

Being digital savvy person and C-level executive with 20+ years experience three major U.S. tech giants, Petar presented two main trends that can be beneficial for Bulgaria. First one is cyber security. Data protection, prevention of breeches of the networks and enterprises, security of identification, can be Bulgaria’s key to succes in XXI century. It is related with the “new reality” of working remotely or working from home. “For years digital communication tools were being neglected, despite the fact of their penetration in businesses and use,” said Petar. Now it could be our advantage for new way of productivity and work-life balance.

The second idea is that Bulgaria could become a “host” of a new regional data center. “Why I am so optimistic about such an idea?”, Petar asks. Here are some arguments:

  • Data centers should be build in countries with mild climate such as Bulgarian.
  • Host country should have good prices of electricity and quality of power supply. When liberalized, the electricity market of Bulgaria can provide uninterrupted, secure, base-load of power to a potential data center
  • Bulgaria has excellent fiber connectivity and Points of presence (PoPs)
  • Through our country passes the main Internet traffic to Turkey and Middle East, whose markets have untapped potential

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