AmCham Bulgaria finds interesting the nearshoring idea. It needs tangible plan

AmCham Bulgaria finds interesting the idea of the Invest Bulgaria Agency to explore the nearshoring potential of Bulgaria. COVID-19 crisis showed that many economic relations and sectors need strategic change and new approach. This is one of the ways to protect the health and lives of our fellow citizens and to guarantee employment and working of the economy.

This can be done in two (at least) directions. First, it is to speed-up digitization, real implementation of the e-governance in Bulgaria and development of innovation. Also, nearshoring would give additional business to our main industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food and drinks, mining, construction, ITC, energy, metallurgy, etc.

Also, the U.S. investments are more than BGN 4.5 billion and are located in sectors with higher added value – manufacturing, energy, agriculture, ITC, and trade.

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