PwC’s Online Navigator Helps Organizations Assess the Impact of COVID-19 to the Business

PwC has developed a useful online tool to help organizations assess the current and future impact of COVID-19 and prepare their response in order to ideally emerge stronger.

The PwC’s COVID-19 Navigator contains questions which will help business leaders understand where their company stands as they respond to COVID-19 in these 6 focus areas:

  • Crisis management and response
  • Workforce
  • Operations and supply chain
  • Finance and liquidity
  • Tax and trade
  • Strategy and brand.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, business representatives will receive reports based on their company-specific responses with insights and recommendations on potential areas to focus on and key questions to ask. Furthermore, the reports provide benchmarking data to allow business leaders compare their own risk/readiness with global respondents and industry peers.

You can access the PwC’s COVID-19 Navigator here.

The PwC’s COVID-19 Navigator is completely free of charge for anyone interested in preparing their organizations for the business impacts of the coronavirus spread.