GLAVBOLGARSTROY HOLDING: Constructing a future without fear

With half a century of history on the construction market and about 2,000 employees, GLAVBOLGARSTROY (GBS) eagerly joins the battle against COVID-19. The Construction Holding supports major hospitals in the country, helping to provide better equipment and adequate supplies for treatment of the infected.

So far, the Company has donated nearly BGN 300,000 to healthcare institution across the country to help them and their teams cope with the rising number of patients in need of urgent treatment. Some of the donations have already been invested in respiratory equipment and automatic extractors for processing DCs and RNA samples, ensuring faster processing of COVID-19 tests by PCR and, hence, faster results for patients and citizens who independently test themselves for the infection.

GBS has also contributed to two donation initiatives – “United against COVID-19”, organized by the Bulgarian Donors Forum, America for Bulgaria Foundation, the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria and the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and the donation initiative of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.