Schneider Electric Energy Management System Empowers Biovet’s New Factory

For its ultramodern fermentation factory for pharmaceuticals and feed additives in the town of Peshtera (Southern Bulgaria), Biovet AD has chosen Schneider Electric for the implementation of an energy management system. This is EcoStruxure™ Power SCADAExpert v.8.2 with advanced reporting launched in 2019. It is specially designed to provide quality power supply to the facilities and continuity of critical work processes. Schneider Electric’s high-tech solution ensures maximum operational efficiency by monitoring the power grid in real time.

The high degree of digitalization and automation in manufacturing has become increasingly important amid the crisis prompted by COVID-19. Thanks to the latest technology, both partnering companies continue work under strict observance of the anti-epidemic measures of the government and render support to their employees and to the local communities in Peshtera (where the factory of Biovet is based) and Plovdiv (the home of the Schneider Electric’s Smart factory for manufacturing of circuit breakers).

The energy monitoring system of EcoStruxure™ Power SCADAExpert v.8.2 with advanced reporting increases the security and safety of people and assets, optimizes the reliability and continuity of power supply; improves the efficiency of processes and constantly monitors the quality and energy consumption, as well as compliance with the requirements. The equipment installed by Schneider Electric includes Trihal cast resin distribution transformers, SM6 switchgear, Prisma low-voltage switchboards, VarSet low voltage capacitor banks and Canalis busbars.

In its essence EcoStruxure™ from Schneider Electric is an IоТ platform. Its software optimizes internal processes through constant monitoring of quality and consumption and enables active control. The platform works at three levels – on the one hand, the different systems, secondly, the edge control and communication, and thirdly, the cloud-based solutions allowing to collect and analyze data. The latter is of particular importance when making business decisions and preparing accurate forecasts for the operation and maintenance cycle.

Biovet recognizes Schneider Electric as a reliable partner given that the products of the French giant meet the highest international standards. Biovet has also expressed confidence in the long life of delivered equipment, as well as satisfaction with the potential for development of the systems for power supply and energy management. Today, for every state-of-the-art manufacturing enterprise incorporating innovative products is strategically important as this is the path to digitalization of systems and processes. Schneider Electric’s power monitoring system EcoStruxure™ Power SCADAExpert v.8.2 with advanced reporting implemented in the fermentation plant in the town of Peshtera is exactly this kind of solution. 

Biovet’s new factory – birds’ view

About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a leader in digital transformation of energy management in homes, buildings, data centers, energy infrastructure and industry.  Operating in more than 100 countries of the world Schneider Electric is leader in energy management – medium and low voltage, energy security and automation. We believe that people and partners make Schneider Electric a successful company and that our pursuit of innovation and sustainability guarantees that energy is accessible (Life Is On) everywhere, for everyone, at every moment.

Schneider Electric has been operating in Bulgaria since 1990 under the brands Merlin Gerin and Telemechanique which in 1993 merged into a single commercial representation. In 1998, Schneider Electric created a daughter company in Sofia – Schneider Electric Bulgaria EOOD. In 1999, the company acquired a detached section of the plant for electric equipment in the town of Perushtitsa, Southern Bulgaria.

In 2007, Schneider Electric unveiled a new plant in the city of Plovdiv manufacturing circuit breakers. The investment made is worth 22 million euro and includes buildings and new manufacturing capacities. The products of Schneider Electric manufactured in Bulgaria are of exceptional importance for the development of the company globally.

In 2019, the Schneider Electric plant in Bulgaria received a Smart Factory certificate – the highest internal standard of the Group for industrial production, automation and efficient management of processes. The factory in this country is one of the biggest state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities of the company in Europe and has become the first and only Schneider Electric Smart Factory for the whole of Eastern Europe.  More than 65% of the processes in it are fully automatized and the team has constantly been introducing new technologies. Under the awarded certificate the Schneider Electric plant in Bulgaria has become a demo Smart Factory hub for 14 countries. 

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