Microsoft and ZoomCharts Organize First-of-Its-Kind Multi-Country Event for BI Education – Power BI Zoom Factor

A first-of-its-kind digital bootcamp – Power BI Zoom Factor – will take place from May 19 to June 5, and gather business and data professionals from 24 countries to educate them on BI, demonstrate the best data analysis and visualization practices, and share business success stories. The highlight of the event will be a report competition, whereby participants will use the newly acquired knowledge to create interactive next generation sales reports.

Registration is available at the event website – Power BI Zoom Factor is organized by ZoomCharts in cooperation with Microsoft.

For two weeks organization leaders, business and sales managers, CEOs, data specialists, BI experts and report creators will attend online webinars to learn about BI advantages, implementation, the latest tools and technologies, trends, the best practices, and company success and experience stories. Special emphasis will be put on the visualization and analysis of sales data.

“The event will bring attention to the importance of data in business decision-making. A lot of organizations still underestimate the need for BI, but it is crucial to understand – the sooner businesses start to shape their data cultures, the sooner they will be able to identify factors impacting their growth, and make well-considered decisions. The event will especially emphasize next generation sales reports, since sales is the main focus for most organizations across all industries.” comments Janis Volbergs, CEO of ZoomCharts.

“Data is the foundation for any good decision. The standard for modern management is real time, easy to analyze, visually easy to understand and review. It is not for nothing that we are increasingly talking about data-driven development at the level of companies, organizations and even the whole country. That is why in Latvia, together with our partner ZoomCharts, we have created a unique online program with a competition element for learning data technologies. Participants from Latvia and 23 other countries are invited to participate in Power BI Zoom Factor, thus also strengthening the reputation of our country’s IT industry internationally”, according to Microsoft.


The highlight of the event – a next generation sales report competition

Power BI report creators will have a chance to attend specially designed practical training sessions and participate in a sales report competition with the prize pool value of more than 10 000 EUR. During the training sessions they will expand their Power BI skills, explore real-life sales reporting problems, learn about interactive data visualization and the best report design and UX practices.

The winning project will be chosen based on: user friendliness, ease of use and the report’s ability to address a specific business problem.

Business intelligence (BI) is on the agenda for thousands of organizations. Investments in BI technologies keep increasing, with the strive to create smart, data driven decision-making cultures.