River Park welcomes you home.

The investment company Real Estate Development’s new sales office has opened doors recently. The main purpose of the office is to host meetings with anyone interested in making the next step toward buying a new home in River Park. To make it as convenient as possible for its clients and partners, the office is located on the site of the complex in Simeonovo district, on St. Maria Magdalena Street (you can see the exact location here).

River Park’s new sales office location is here.

Undoubtedly, the approach is new to Bulgaria. River Park’s Project Manager Hadar Shamay has chosen to transform a cluster of construction containers into a flexible environment with a combination of working areas, as well as a kitchen, spacious living room, meeting room, kids’ corner, garden, and relaxation area. It combines simple textures and unconventional furnishings with the right lighting to create a warm and visually stimulating environment that differs from the traditional office space.

As soon as you enter the space, you are overwhelmed with one particular feeling: All the decisions here come from the heart. The interior design is influenced by the Scandinavian style with its minimalism, beauty, and functionality. The use of light and the concept for colorful materials combined with soft lines and natural wood elements create a welcoming and cozy feeling for all guests.

The decorations are very delicate: mint and milk – a stylistic duo that creates an extremely elegant and relaxing atmosphere, similar to the conversations with the River Park team.

The people behind the River Park project exemplify the highest possible quality and pay attention to every detail, and this new office space reflects just that. While looking at the sketches of the houses, while standing on a thick, soft carpet, you can gaze upon your future home through the window.

Do not hesitate to bring your children too – they are sure to enjoy the cheerful kids’ corner.

The majestic Vitosha mountain rises behind the white curtains of the French windows, the sun shines brightly on the terrain outside, which in the coming years will be transformed into an environment for priceless moments for more than 350 families.
The project envisages three phases of construction, the first of which is expected to be completed in the summer of 2022.

The houses in the complex are of three different types – 191 row houses, 148 twin houses, and 13 single-family houses, each of which will have its own yard as well as mountain and city views.

The investment made by Real Estate Developments will exceed EUR 80 million. The company is part of an investment group with over 40 years of international experience in the field of real estate, having been present with investments in Bulgaria for the past 20 years.