Google COVID-19 related initiatives in Bulgaria

Launched Teach from Home site to help students and teachers in Bulgaria move learning online during COVID-19:

Launched several initiatives in order to provide relevant and reliable information related to COVID-19:
  • SOS Alerts in Search (search “Coronavirus” on

  • Organised Search Results Page (search “Coronavirus” on

Localized a series of Doodles and homepage promotions related to COVID-19: how to wash your hands, celebrating local heroes (e.g. health workers, etc).

Launched the Grow with Google Remote work microsite. To help SMBs in remote work during COVID-19 we’ve gathered tools and resources that could help them stay connected and productive:

Launched the SMB Resource Hub that contains resources and tips on how to help small businesses navigate through times of uncertanty

Launched Community Mobility Reports to provide insights into what has changed in response to policies aimed at combating COVID-19

Committed to support small and medium sized businesses, health organizations and governments globally with $800+ million in a form of investment, ad grants and ad credits.