UBB Interlease launches a fully digitalized process for transfer of funds to the Universal Pension Fund, managed by PAC Doverie

UBB Interlease provides all individuals, who have chosen to insure themselves with Doverie Universal Pension Fund, with a fast, secure, convenient and a fully digitalized process for transferring their funds, enabling to have all needed documents signed with an electronic signature, without the need of attestation by a public notary. КВС Group is the first banking and insurance group, which offers such innovative opportunity on the Bulgarian market.

Clients, willing to transfer to Doverie UPF, will rely on more than 400 persons, authorized by UBB Interlease, who will be rendering competent and professional service to all interested clients in the branch network of United Bulgarian Bank (UBB). The new service for e-signing of documents has been launched in a pilot phase within UBB’s branch network in Sofia city, as over the next 3 months it is going to also gradually cover the whole country.

This is yet another digitalized service, which UBB Interlease provides to its clients at a moment when we witness huge demand of exactly such solutions – fully online, saving their users’ time and efforts, aligned with the context of the world around us – even without unnecessary physical contacts. By means of a process, which is transparent, accessible and easy to perform we empower clients with yet another solution to make their daily lives easier“, commented Rudolf Kypta, Chief Executive Officer of UBB Interlease, on the new service.

„Digitalization of services is an inevitable process and as a Company we are doing everything needed to equip our present and future clients with the largest possible range of electronic services and with access to on-line information, linked to their status as insurees and clients of a fund, managed by PAC Doverie. To this end the partnership with UBB Interlease is logical and wished for and we believe that such type of innovative services and partnerships between companies and financial groups, sharing similar philosophy and values, will be gaining grounds on the market in the future.“, shared Daniela Petkova, Management Board Chairperson of PAC Doverie.

UBB INTERLEASE, part of the Belgian КВС Group, in its capacity as an authorized intermediary of Pension Assurance Company Doverie, has been rendering services for attracting clients of UPF Doverie since mid 2019. Universal Pension Fund Doverie is a preferred choice for many Bulgarians and as at end 2019, according to data of the Financial Supervision Commission, more than 985 000 individuals were making contributions there for additional pension insurance, comprising a market share of over 25%.