Postbank signs another guarantee agreement for SMEs financing

Postbank has signed another agreement with the National Guarantee Fund EAD (NGF) for supporting micro-, small and medium companies with eased financing conditions. With the agreement, the lender and the NGF will jointly apply a risk sharing guarantee scheme. Thus, SMEs will have access to investment and working capital loans, additionally secured by the fund, and enjoy less strict loan collateral requirements and lower corporate loan interest rates.

Our business clients will have the opportunity obtain NGF guarantees of up to 50% of loan amounts, as part of the needed collateral. This why, we will directly support the companies which cannot provide the required assets to secure bank loans. In addition, thanks to our partnership with the fund, we will be able to offer lower interest rates than those specified in standard loan conditions, thus enabling farmers to access the programme. Excellent consumer experience has always been at the core of our corporate philosophy and we strive every day to improve our products so that other business organisations in Bulgaria can benefit from them. Our partnership with the NGF is indeed such a step”, Postbank commented.


Postbank clients will be able to opt for the following business products guaranteed by the lender’s joint programme with the NGF:

  • Installments loans – the utilised loan amount is repaid according to a plan agreed by the parties to the loan contract. It is suitable for investment financing , infrequent working capital needs.
  • Revolving credit line – this loan is suitable for financing operational costs. According to clients’ preferences it can be fully or partly utilised and repaid for a certain period until the limit agreed by the bank and clients is reached.
  • Overdraft – a loan with a payment account limit, agreed by clients and the bank in advance. It is particularly suitable for covering short-term working capital needs. Each incoming amount in the repayment account covers the overdraft liabilities, as clients do not need to fill a repayment request.

The guarantee scheme will be applied also for loans used for the implementation of projects under operational programmes. All loan-holders can rely on preferential interest rates, as compared to the rates specified by standard loan conditions, as well as expert service in Postbank specialised centres – Small Business Banking, and corporate offices.

More information about the business products is available at, in Postbank specialised centres and offices, at a consultation meeting with a mobile bank expert or via short code *7224.