UBB offers its clients an opportunity for systematic investment in the KBC ExpertEase funds

In the challenging environment of COVID-19 pandemic UBB continues ensuring alternatives for access to financial products and services. For the first time the Bank’s clients are able to invest systematically in one of the preferred products of KBC Asset Management – the KBC ExpertEase funds, through sparing a small monthly installment. The process of selling a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), apart from being made through a visit to a UBB branch, can also be effected in a fully remote manner, while the documents can be signed remotely, without physical presence at a branch of the bank.

Clients are given the opportunity to invest systematically in a variety of traditional instruments through one comprehensive solution. The KBC ExpertEase funds comply with a client’s comfort zone, by defining the accurate balance for the investor between profit seeking and eventual loss containment. The combination of various investment types creates a feeling of comfort, regardless of the present situation on the financial markets.

The first step is to consult a financial expert over the phone or meet such at a UBB branch, as during the consultation clients will share their individual needs, expectations, comfort zones and plans for the future. Based on the held conversation the client will be offered a comprehensive solution – a KBC ExpertEase fund, most appropriate for him/her. After signing the documents in the comfort of their homes, the portfolio managers of KBC Asset Management will make investment decisions for the selected fund.

Through their Systematic Investment Plans clients are able to invest small amounts on a monthly basis, so as to avoid burdening of their budgets. At this stage investments can be made only from an account in euro, however an option is about to be launched for collecting SIP fund transfers also from accounts in other currencies.