Petar T. Ivanov: Investors have concern on protectionist measures during COVID-19

“It is good that there is a campaign to support the Bulgarian manufacturing and the local tourism, it is good to ask the question what wasn’t working well so far, since we have to show such slogans now,” said for BNR Horizont Program Petar T. Ivanov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria.

Among the foreign investors there are concerns that due to the State of Emergency and its prolong, it could lead to introduction of protectionist measures which could limit their presence on the market or they can simply be pushed out, said also Ivanov.

“It is awesome that we have the Common Market at which we entered since our accession to the European Union. However, we say a little bit populist to support only the Bulgarian producers. We see a tendency – when such measures are used to clean-up the market from the competition with protectionist measures. We can not support such proposals. Our members are very serious foreign companies which came under certain conditions and these conditions should not be changed all the time, even during the State of Emergency.“

Listen to the whole conversation (in Bulgarian) here:

Source: BNR