Post-COVID-19 Recovery: Bulgaria Opens Borders

Aiming to relief business and bring it back to normality, the Government of Bulgaria is introducing series of measures that give guidance how business should adapt and act in the Post-COVID-19 period. Recently, the Ministry of Health issued an order for opening the borders with our neighbouring countries and posting exemptions of the current travel ban.

AmCham Bulgaria jointly with the U.S. Embassy are monitoring the process and would like to share both the order and the process of potential bringing of workers to Bulgaria for important projects in strategic sectors.

NB: There is an application process on the last page of the document that needs to be filled in.

  • Submit an official letter (on a company’s letterhead) to the Minister of Economy with the following information : 
    • Names and title of expected expert/s
    • Purpose of visit of experts (highlight the importance of the project)
    • Provide address of the company/field/plant where the experts will work/reside 
    • Provide expected duration of stay
  • Once the letter is submitted and the receipt number is obtained the enterprise shall send an email to the Minister of Economy – [email protected] – with the receipt number so the Ministry can issue a letter to be provided to the expert and presented by the expert at arrivals location.
  • In addition a Declaration (attached to the Ministry of Health Order РД-01-274 effective May 22) needs to be completed and submitted to customs upon arrival