Postbank offers consumer loan with interest-free overdraft option for the first year

Postbank offers its clients a consumer loan with promotional conditions and the option to take interest-free overdraft in the first 12 months. The consumer loan can be used for current needs or debt consolidation, and the clients can take advantage of additional preferential loan conditions if they meet the bank’s requirements. During the campaign period – from 26 May 2020 to 31 July 2020, Postbank’s clients can apply for a loan of up to BGN 70,000 and interest-free overdraft for the first year equal to one net salary, or up to BGN 3,000. They can use the overdraft option after utilizing the consumer loan and transferring their salary to the bank account. The approved overdraft limit can be used repeatedly, it can be received in full or partially, both for cash withdrawals and payment of goods and services.

Our goal has always been to offer our clients solutions tailored to their specific financial needs and expectations. We went through times in which many people are trying to restart their plans after they were forced to hit the pause button on their usual rhythm of life. We all need financial support in that complicated situation, which would give us the possibility for a new start. We believe that the combination of these two products will give our clients the financial freedom they need to continue forward. The overdraft is a very convenient and flexible product that provides fast and easy access to additional funds and gives comfort if any incidental expenses emerge. The consumer loan will allow the clients to implement their bigger plans, and the overdraft – to meet their current needs or suddenly emerged payments,” Postbank commented.

The offer is available to both new and existing clients of the bank that meet the requirements of the respective loan product. They can rely on quick and easy funding, entirely tailored to their individual needs and plans. If they choose a loan to consolidate their debts, during the campaign period Postbank’s clients will be able to take advantage of the promotional interest conditions that include half loan application fee, provided that they have not chosen the express assessment fee. The loan would allow them to increase their disposable income by consolidating their current debts and by paying one installment in one bank on one date.

The clients can apply by phone on short number *7224, entirely online, and in any Postbank office. A visit to the office also gives them the option to choose express loan application assessment, a reply within two work hours and to receive the funds within one work hour after the loan contract is signed in line with the Conditions published on the bank’s website.

The Payments Protection program gives additional security, as it covers the consumer loan and overdraft obligations in the event of unforeseen life situations, such as prolonged sick leave or involuntary unemployment. And the innovative Super@ccount for salaries not only eliminates the monthly fee but it also gives the clients cash bonus if they use it actively in their daily lives.

You can find more information about Postbank’s consumer loans and other products on the website, in the bank’s specialized centers and offices, through the mobile application EVA Postbank, or upon pre-arranging a meeting with a mobile bank expert.