AmCham Bulgaria had a webinar with Eva Maydell, MEP

On June 10th, 2020 AmCham Bulgaria members had the opportunity to discuss the Europe’s economic path after the COVID-19 crisis with Eva Maydell, Member of the European Parliament (EPP).

“With this webinar we are happy to have the opportunity to discuss the Next Generation EU Plan and how Bulgaria can take advantage of it to overcome crisis with Eva Maydell, MEP. Having her in an open discussion and get insight from the very source of the EU legislation. We see this webinar as a fruitful and logical concequence of our relationship with Eva and the EU agenda,” said Olivier Marquette, AmCham Bulgaria President.

“Тhe EU Recovery Plan has a core aim to make Europe’s economy more independent and competitive. To get access to the resources Member States have to provide plans that are future-oriented, ones that cater for renewable energy, clean transport and industry, better connectivity, data economy, digital skills among others,” said Eva Maydell, MEP

“This means that investments will focus on digitizing manufacturing, enhancing energy efficiency of the business, implementation of AI powered solutions, unleashing the data potential for achieving goals of common good, such as cleaner air, better urban planning, efficient resource management.  In short, the Recovery plan called Next Generation EU will not try to restore our economies. It aims to achieve a structural change, using the crisis as an opportunity to move forward,” she said also.

The webinar was attended by Susan Danger, Chairperson of the American Chambers in Europe network (ACE) and CEO of AmChamEU.