Postbank provides an innovative service for all-digital consultation and mortgage loan application

To meet the increasing consumer interest in digital bank services, Postbank offers its clients an innovative and convenient opportunity for consultations on mortgage loans via EVA Postbank mobile app. The new service facilitates the access to mortgage loans specifications and loan application requirements. Via EVA Postbank, customers can receive personal consultation, get acquainted with the main steps in purchasing and financing a new home, as well as with the documents required for mortgage loan application. EVA Postbank will provide them with all that valuable advice and information fully remotely so that they do not have to visit Postbank offices. The addition of new functionalities in the mobile app is part of Postbank’s strategy for complete digitalization of the processes and its striving to communicate with its customers in the most convenient way for them.

“The abrupt change in the way people live, work and use various services in recent months has also led to changes in their expectations of the banking products they need. Their focus shifted from traditional bank branch services to digital services. Speaking of mortgage lending, until recently, clients preferred to visit our offices to receive personal consultation from an expert who would help them choose the best product for them or introduce them to the entire lending process. In the new situation, the clients interested in mortgage lending have changed their attitude and now expect being able to use these services entirely remotely. With the special section through our mobile app EVA Postbank “New Beginning in a New Home” we have created this opportunity for all of them,” Postbank commented.

EVA Postbank is an innovative communication channel which provides 24/7 access to valuable information about the process of purchasing and financing real estates, the required mortgage loan documents and a real time connection with a Postbank expert via the live chat functionality. In addition, clients can start a mortgage loan application process and receive a statement on their loan request in advance. The service is free of charge, as users need to just download EVA Postbank app on their cell phones.

The unique app is really useful for current and future Postbank clients who are planning a home purchase. The app provides more information about other products and services of the bank, credit calculators with an option for online loan application, useful tips in case of lost or swallowed by ATMs bank cards, forgotten internet banking user name or password, debit or credit cards PIN, etc. The virtual advisor, living in clients’ phones, can assist users with information about the location of the closest Postbank offices and ATMs.

EVA Postbank app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, and can be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store.

More information about Postbank’s great variety of mortgage loan products is available on, in the bank’s specialized offices and at a meeting with a mobile bank expert or on short code *7224.