Significant growth in job advertisements in May 2020

The announcements published in May increased by 77% compared to April

With the gradual recovery of the economy, there has been a significant increase in the number of published job advertisements. We present you updated data on the growth of job postings in the country.

The published announcements in May increased by 77% compared to the previous month of April. Of course, we still can’t talk about a full recovery – this number is 39% lower than the same period (May) in 2019, but the pace at which the number of ads is growing is remarkable.

With the recovery of the economy, the change in published ads in all areas of activity is positive. In the most severely affected by COVID-19, e.g. Hotel and restaurant sector, the growth is highest by as much as 190% in May compared to April. Of the newly published positions, those for work in catering establishments are predominant, and this is understandable given the forthcoming summer months and the easing of the initially imposed measures for visiting catering establishments.
The offers for work in the field of art and design are also very high – by 150%.

The level of job supply is gradually approaching that before COVID-19, but is still well below that of this time of year. We will observe how constant the supply of work will be and to what extent the positive trend will be maintained.