Call for Comments of the Amendments and Supplements of the Labor Code

Dear Members,

Yesterday the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy started a process of public discussion of the proposed amendments and supplements of the Labor Code.

AmCham Bulgaria should take part in this process since Labor Market Resilience is among our key priorities for 2020 and based on your feedback, we would like to issue a strong position to the authorities. Thus, we would like to ask you for your comments on the proposed changes. Please send your suggestions till July 10th, 2020 to [email protected].

Scope of changes

The Labor Code is the law that arranges the labor relations between an employer and an employee., as well as other related with them directly. The proposed amendments and supplements aim to improve the adequacy of the labor legislation with regard the labor market tendencies, as well as with the reached level of industrial relations, socio-economic conditions in the country and the international acts and standards.

With that regard in the Amendment and Supplement Act is being introduced an upgrade of the current legislation with regard:  

  • Social dialogue and the collective labor bargaining – incl. working hours calculation, amendments to overtime;
  • Labor conditions with an international element, incl. secondment and business trips
  • More guarantees of the rights and interests of the parties of a labor agreement, aligned with the modern economic conditions and the labor market development
  • Elimination of legal and technical discrepancies in various provisions
  • Control of the Labor Code compliance 


On behalf of the AmCham Bulgaria HR and Education Committee:
Iva Todorova, Co-Chair & Zlatina Kushkieva, Co-Chair

Additional Resources for reference

Additional calls

AmCham has initiated a call for comments on the impact of Ordinance N-18 and proposals for improvement with regard to reduction of cash payments and activities in the grey economy. Our aim is to prepare an official position to be addressed to the relevant institutions, despite the fact that there is another extension of the period for consultation.