Telenor offers Travel Insurance for Abroad “Smart Tourist”

Telenor has become the first mobile operator in Bulgaria to offer insurance for traveling abroad. The insurance can be concluded quickly and conveniently through the mobile application MyTelenor. With the Smart Tourist insurance, the operator’s private customers can provide for themselves, their relatives and friends help in case of need of emergency medical services, roadside assistance, lost personal belongings and/or documents, delays, legal costs and emergency dental care during trips abroad.
The conclusion of the Smart Tourist insurance (link is made easier for Telenor subscribers, who need to be located on the territory of Bulgaria. In addition to the option of conclusion through the MyTelenor mobile application (link, they can also conclude the insurance in designated Telenor stores.

The coverage of Smart Tourist insurance is activated automatically when the mobile number of the insured is detected in roaming and connects to a mobile network abroad. From this moment on, customers have 4 hours in which they can choose to refuse the coverage of the insurance for the respective trip or to add up to 10 persons to insure for the respective trip, including themselves, if they wish so. The data of the other insured people can also be added in advance through the MyTelenor application.

There is no monthly fee for the insurance, and customers pay a premium depending on the number of days they spend abroad with activated insurance coverage, for up to 31 consecutive days for each trip. At the end of each trip, customers receive information about the due premium for the trip by email and via the MyTelenor app. The daily premium per adult person aged up to 65 years is BGN 1.99 on the territory of Europe and BGN 4.99 for trips in countries in the rest of the world. For underaged people, the daily premium is BGN 0.99 for Europe and BGN 2.49 for the rest of the world, per person. The total premium includes all trips made within the respective month and is included in Telenor’s next monthly mobile subscription bill of the customer that concluded the insurance.

Smart Tourist’s coverage for medical expenses and emergency repatriation expenses is up to BGN 100,000 in Europe and up to BGN 200,000 in the rest of the world, with travel expenses covering BGN 120 per day up to a maximum of BGN 1,200 for the insured and accompanying passenger. For emergency dental treatment the coverage is up to BGN 1,000, for legal expenses up to BGN 2,000, and for roadside assistance – up to BGN 1,000. Among the insurance covers are the costs for a temporary replacement in case of loss of personal documents up to BGN 400 and BGN 500 in case of loss, damage or theft of personal belongings. In case of delay during the trip, the insurance covers BGN 50 for each full 12-hour period, with maximum coverage of BGN 600. For some of the coverages, a deductible of BGN 50 is applied. Detailed information on the amounts of coverages, deductible and conditions of the insurance product is published on the official website of the company,, as well as in designated stores of Telenor.

The insurance is a product of the insurer Chubb European Group SE, and it is offered through Telenor as its insurance agent. Chubb European Group SE is a European insurance company (SE), existing under the provisions of the French Insurance Code, acting in Bulgaria on the basis of freedom to provide services through its Hungarian Branch Chubb European Group SE Magyarországi Fióktelepe.

More information on the insurance is available at the official website of the operator, via a call to a short number 123 and at any Telenor shop.

All premiums, types of cover and maximum coverage amounts, and other details reflected in this press release are subject to change. Anyone who considers concluding Travel Insurance for Abroad “Smart Tourist” should review and consider carefully the Insurance Product Information Document, Important Information Document, the Policy Wording, the Policy Schedule and all information provided during the process of conclusion of the policy.