Happy 4th of July

Yesterday, the AmCham Bulgaria President sent a congratulatory address to H.E. Herro Mustafa and the U.S. Embassy team and families on the occasion of the 244th U.S. Independence Day – the 4th of July.

Dear Madam Ambassador,

On behalf of the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and of all of our members I would like to congratulate you, all of the U.S. Embassy staff and your families on the occasion of the 244th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the United States of America.

This year’s celebration comes amid a global pandemic that inevitably is impacting our lives and will also change the way we celebrate 4th of July. It comes in turbulent times for the democracies across the world. It brings a moment of hope while people raise their voices on the streets in fair demand for equality, more inclusion and justice. This is equally valid for both Bulgaria and the United States.

Despite all the challenges, the United States continues to be the guiding star of democracy, an inspiration for innovation, an example of rule of law and meritocracy. Today, more people strive to achieve their long-awaited version of the American dream. Today, hundreds of thousands of people and companies embrace a digital transition which is led and enabled by innovative American businesses.

Allow me to extend our sincere wishes for a stable and prompt recovery of the American economy. Our prayers and thoughts go to those who have lost their lives or loved ones because of the pandemics or while being on duty. We promise that we will continue to work with our friends and partners on both sides of the Atlantic towards a more sustainable global future.

I take the moment to express our gratitude of having such an excellent relationship that we have built together so far. We value it a lot. We are looking forward to further enhancing our joint work in priority topics such as rule of law, education, business to business ties and more.

Happy 4th of July.