BizPortal raised EUR 1.7 million from VC investors

We are now proud to announce that in May 2020 BizPortal finalized its first official funding round, raising EUR 1.7 million from VC investors in Bulgaria led by Morningside Hill Capital. We are excited to take on the next steps of developing our company into a cutting-edge big data analytics provider with permanent presence in key spots around the world. is a data mining and aggregation service company specialized in global public procurement and corporate information products. The company’s main data platforms include and but it also offers custom company and procurement database services. Current clients range from corporates and credit rating agencies to Wall Street hedge funds and asset managers focused on quantitative based equity investment. Bizportal is also involved in public projects focused on data-driven approach to countering corruption and state capture such as Bizportal currently employs 25 people consisting of teams of IT developers and research analysts in Sofia, Bulgaria and it plans to establish a permanent presence in New York and Washington DC.