Expat ETFs for Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and N. Macedonia received approval for trade in Slovenia

Five of the exchange-traded funds managed by Expat Asset Management received approval from the Securities Market Agency in Slovenia. This is a required step towards the listing of the 5 ETFs for trading on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (Ljubljanska Borza).

The five funds are a part of Expat’s family of 11 passive ETFs. They are unique market propositions providing country-specific exposure in the CEE region to international investors. The funds passively follow the movements of major equity indices from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange will be the fourth one on which Expat will set foot. All the 11 ETFs are traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, while Expat Bulgaria SOFIX UCITS ETF is listed on the London Stock Exchange as well.

Upcoming listing of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange to be expected

Expat has chosen those 5 funds for Ljubljana as they have attracted the most interest from Slovenian and Croatian investors. In the mid-term, we are planning to register the rest of the ETFs on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, as well as to expand the map of the regional stock exchanges in Central Europe, where Expat’s instruments will be listed.

Expat’s ETFs are designed to be major highways for capital flows to and from the equity markets of the CEE countries and to provide international investors diversified and liquid exposure to the countries in this region. They are projected to be a pipeline for capital flows to and from the stock markets of the CEE region. The trade of these ETFs on several European stock exchanges, including the financial centres of London and Frankfurt, ensures that international investors have an easy and cost-effective way to control their exposure to specific countries in the region, overcoming deficiencies such as lack of liquidity, lack of access, cross-border settlement issues, high execution costs, large spreads, and other technical factors typical for many of these markets.

Country Fund Name Index

Bulgaria Expat Bulgaria – SOFIX UCITS ETF SOFIX
Slovenia Expat Slovenia – SBI TOP UCITS ETF SBI TOP
Croatia Expat Croatia – CROBEX UCITS ETF CROBEX
Serbia Expat Serbia – BELEX15 UCITS ETF BELEX15
Northern Macedonia Expat Macedonia – MBI10 UCITS ETF MBI10

Expat’s ETFs have the following characteristics:
  • UCITS-compliant
  • Passive equity index trackers
  • Open-ended, providing daily liquidity
  • Using direct physical replication
  • Reinvesting dividends; not distributing any dividends