Our Secure Wi-Fi + Your Business = Endless Possibilities

WatchGuard access points are the only solution on the market that enables a complete Trusted Wireless Environment by protecting new and existing access point installations from Wi-Fi hacking 24/7, according to the recent Miercom report. And, you don’t need to rip out your existing access points and replace them with another Wi-Fi solution.

Next steps:

  1. Test your access points’ security posture for the six known Wi-Fi threat categories. Download Test Guide
  2. Help your customers build their ideal Wi-Fi environment with the help of WatchGuard’s expert Wi-Fi team using a predictive simulation that shows the approximate number of access points, models, and installation locations required. Fill out our Wi-Fi Design Questionnaire
  3. View our on-demand webinar “5 Simple Ways to Secure Your Wi-Fi” where the Miercom CEO shares what it takes to protect your access point installations from Wi-Fi hacks without having to replace your existing infrastructure.

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