What’s Becoming of Last-Mile Logistics: А Webinar With DHL & Bringg

At the end of August, Scalefocus hosted a webinar on a topic that has become a hot subject in 2020 like never before: “Last-Mile Logistics in the Era of New Normal”. The sector is transforming and the urge for fast adaptation for logistics companies, retailers, carriers, and businesses has been accelerated tremendously because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And the consequences of the pandemic made one thing clear: technological advancement is key for any business or logistics company that want to stay ahead of their competition, minimize losses and be prepared for the new normal – whatever it turns out to be.

To delve deeper into the subject, Scalefocus conducted a fireside chat with special guest lectors to determine how businesses in the sector can fit best in a world turned upside down and even become new leaders on the market. Georgi Boyadhizev and Varbin Dichev from Scalefocus were joined by Markus Reckling, Managing Director at DHL Express Germany, and Alex Hann, Head of Transport & Logistics at Bringg for EMEA; all of them shared practical advice and valuable experience.

According to them all, almost everyone in the logistics space has felt the need to optimize and adapt. There needs to be a huge amount of innovation and change. With the dynamic situation, the lectors say, businesses need to run towards a more efficient distribution channel, with available tech tools.

The focus is now, more than ever, driven towards consumers and it still depends on retailers and brands as they move away from brick-and-mortar traditionally and going online. Safe to say, the next few years will be interesting for last-mile logistic; whether we will see big platforms take over or more shared-economy, asset-sharing type of business model, where it’s all about ecosystems with data orchestration (and businesses collaborating instead of competing).

Watch or download the whole webinar HERE

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