Esseterre award for CSR

Esseterre was recognized once again as a company with active corporate social responsibility at the national conference organized by NASO (National Alliance for Social Responsibility) “Jobs for everyone”.

NASO is Bulgarian National Association for Social Responsibility and this summer their annual conference was held in Varna. They are dedicated to work with and involve local companies in the field of corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship, to create effective and innovative policies and practices for employment of people with disabilities in Bulgaria.

Plamen Nikolov, General Manager of Esseterre accepted the award and announced in front of the participants that the strategy for Esseterre is looking for sustainable projects and activities for a better community living. Esseterre presented the good models and co-impact policies of the company in the community through the years and announced the willingness to continue all efforts for the common good together with other partners and businesses who share the same values and practices.