The Bulgarian Donors Forum is Seeking for the Biggest Corporate Donors

The 15th edition of  the philanthropy and responsible donation awards will traditionally honor the companies’ socially responsible initiatives and their most successful partnerships with civil organizations for the previous year. The awards are in several categories:

  • quantitative (according to the invested financial and non-financial resources, as well as voluntary work);quantitative (according to the invested financial and non-financial resources, as well as voluntary work);
  • qualitative (according to the qualities of business programs in support of society), also for the most successful joint project between  company and non-governmental organization.

For the first time this year, nominations or self-nominations in the partnership category can be made not only by BDF members, but by all companies or civil organizations that have had joint initiatives. Up to two nominations or self-nominations from one company or organization are allowed.

This category seeks partnerships that have worked effectively and contributed to solving a real problem.

Unprecedented donation activity due to the coronavirus pandemic cannot go unnoticed in the unusual 2020. That is why BDF includes in the competition an additional category for the best partnership between a company and a civil organization in the crisis with COVID-19.

This award will honor the joint efforts of business and civil sector to overcome the effects of the pandemic between March and July 2020. Activities must respond to the urgent needs caused by the crisis.

Applications for “The Biggest Corporate Donor” competition are accepted until 5 pm on 31 October, 2020.

All conditions for participation and guidelines for application can be seen HERE.

An application form can be downloaded from the BDF website. The completed form and the necessary annexes must be sent by e-mail: [email protected]

The competition “The Biggest Corporate Donor” is realized with the support from America for Bulgaria Foundation and Deloitte Bulgaria.