VMware Force for Good event series: Welcome Autism to the Workforce

At VMware, our worldview is that we are interconnected and interdependent on each other and the planet.

We are very excited to invite you to VMware Force For Good series – our virtual meetups with focus on philanthropy, diversity and inclusion and sustainability. We look forward to meeting like-minded fellows to discuss and share knowledge on those topics.

Register: https://via.vmw.com/ENKX
Where: Online, in ZOOM
When: 14.10.2020, 18:30-19:30h.
*The event will be held in Bulgarian language.

During our first meetup you would learn about Neurodiversity and Autism Spectrum Disorder. We will focus on what those individuals have as unique skills and how having them in the workforce makes the company more creative, thoughtful, humane, and innovative.

Of course, being classified as “a mental state” or disorder bring some challenges when working with such individuals. We would also address the topic of how to create a welcoming environment for them and how to be less biased and judgmental.

95% of surveyed people with Autism say: “Given I can – I would not exchange my “Disorder” for “Normality””.
Let’s find out together why is that?!

Meet our speaker:

Ivelin Nikolaev is Sr. Manager at VMware Center of Engineering. He is passionate about leadership, developing managers, employee development, and advocate of neurodiversity. In his spare time, he programs in Python, C#, Node.js, and Delphi (yes, it is still alive and kicking).

Ivelin is a father of two boys – one 11 years old with Autism and another 14 years old who is neuro-typical. Ivelin and his wife are the founders of “Advocates for People with Autism in Bulgaria” NGO which has the goal to protect the rights of people on the spectrum and work on legislation changes.