Statement of AmCham Bulgaria on the proposition from bTV Media Group about a Joint Industry Committee

In response to the lack of trust in the existing audience measurement system in Bulgaria, bTV Media Group released an Industry Paper to all broadcasters, relevant associations, media agencies and advertisers in the country. Based on the best practices and examples from other European markets, the Industry Paper proposes concrete solutions and steps that would put an end to the unhealthy discussions over truthfulness and transparency of people-metric data.

bTV Media Group proposed concrete steps to rebuild trust in Audience Measurement System in Bulgaria, enabling all stakeholders to own the data via a Joint Industry Committee and conducting a tender for the first time in Bulgaria are the first must-dos in the process. The media addressed AmCham Bulgaria in August 2020 and their paper was discussed in two Board meetings and the professional opinion of the PR professionals that are part of the Communications and CSR Working Group of the Chamber was asked.

AmCham Bulgaria sees the initiative of BTV to create a Joint Industry Committee as positive and expedient. We see its main goal to develop a mechanism for selection of a service provider of data, a.k.a. the Audience Measurement System with its full scale of operation, thus providing trustworthy data that are being audited regularly, says the official response of the Chamber.

AmCham Bulgaria recommendations
  • Paying some special attention to the in-advance audit (due diligence) of the existing AMS and the current quality of data and their interpretation by the market.
  • The future AMS to be structured on commonly accepted principles by utilizing a holistic approach.
  • Prior of the establishment of the JIC and the structuring of the AMS consider the feedback and the expectations to a larger extend of the data users of the future AMS, namely the media’s clients: advertisers, media shops, etc.
  • The JIC should continue studying best practices and the experience of the leading media markets in the EU and globally and their respective Audience Measurement Systems. This experience, of course, should be localized to the Bulgarian environment.

We believe that only through an open and constant dialog between the market players on one hand, and by listening of the feedback of the clients (advertisers) the construction and the implementation of a renewed AMS is achievable. Thus, the goal for providing accurate and objective-based data can be achieved.

Read the full letter of AmCham Bulgaria to bTV Media Group