Classter is here to say YES of the Digital School!

Are Educational Institutions adaptable to the change of the academic environment? Are they prepared for alterations in their everyday operations? These are some of the questions that Education leaders would need to answer in the following, not years, but months.

Classter is here to say that yes educational institutions and all their stakeholders can adapt to the so-called, New Normal. Classter offers institutions the ability to “migrate” all their functions from the physical world to the digital environment.

Here’s how:
  • Online Admissions: The ability to use an online admissions portal for applications and application
    management. Keep track of all processes, from the sign up to acceptance.
  • Online day to day school management: Manage Student, Teacher, Parent and School data. Create
    academic structures for marking, absence taking, timetabling and much more.
  • Online Billing: Create arrangement plans with students or parents and allow them to pay online through
    bank transfer or credit card. Issue invoices and receipts for your transaction.

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