Easy Exhibit launches a new brand “Ingotify” to help Bulgarian companies find their “golden” potential

Easy Exhibit is launching an extraordinary project with a cause to help Bulgarian companies discover their potential and build a successful market positioning strategy to be attractive to international investors and customers.

The new brand Ingotify carries a lot of symbolism. The name reveals the basic concept of the activity. “Ingot” means a gold bar. This is the gold resource or business potential that many entrepreneurial companies have, but which to become a gold bar, must first be discovered and then polished. We are trying to help companies through a proven methodology to identify and formulate their strengths and competitors and develop a strategic action plan to achieve concrete results. Of course, we applied this methodology first to ourselves and successfully stepped on our strongest resources to create a new brand and a new concept.

The companies we address are from different sectorsIT, human resources, various industries, startups, and more. Our observations are that while the IT sector, including startups and services, is well developed in Sofia, there is great potential for services like ours in the industrial sector. We believe that Ingotify can help position these businesses in the market to be attractive to international investors and customers and thus shift their focus from the Western European and Asian industrial market to that in Bulgaria.

Our methodology

Our methodology is not related to the specific business activity and niche but to the processes that drive the business itself, such as the company to have clearly set strategic goals, have clarity about the consumer target, or have a well-established brand company identity.

The methodology we use is not new – it has existed for more than 60 years, was created in the United States, and is widely used in the corporate world. We step on it and take it through the prism of our experience, and at the same time, we have adapted it for the market and the clients we work with. The consultation is conducted with the main management staff in the form of an 8-hour workshop, held in one or two days. Through this workshop, the aim is to crystallize the problem points in the company’s strategy because if they are not identified, there is no way to offer a solution. Then there is brainstorming of the opportunities and actions that need to be taken to move things positively and in a constructive direction. Finally, a report is prepared to synthesize everything discussed during the workshop and the guidelines for action.

We act as a facilitator, through which the company manages to turn the focus from the outside in and look for solutions among its own resources instead of the external environment. Interestingly, the change and transformation in thinking can be seen during the workshops. What the participants share at the time of their participation is their amazement that they did not realize these insights, but they were there all the time and did not exploite them.

The uniqueness of Ingotify

The uniqueness of Ingotify is that we start from the position of business entrepreneurs who train other business entrepreneurs, using proven methodologies and sharing our experience. We are not just consultants who speak theoretically, but we guide our clients and help them get the most out of their potential through our developed know-how over the years. We have worked in many industries from the aerospace and military industries to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, IT, and others on all continents and have specific observations on various business models, both small and medium-sized enterprises and multinational companies. Our team includes people from different countries with extensive experience and different cultures. This allows us to give Bulgarian companies a different perspective based on the local approach and mentality. We provide flexible solutions and manage to convey our broad worldview to achieve even higher goals and results.

Another of our main advantages is that for us, this is not just a consulting activity. Still, we perceive it as a cause through which to contribute to the business environment in Bulgaria. We want to provoke transformation, to transform businesses and people for the better. At some point, no matter how successful your business is, you feel the need to pass on your experience and help other companies that are facing the same difficulties that you have been dealing with for years.