Young people aged up to 25 become UBB clients via the mobile app without visiting a branch of the Bank

The Full Access Program was created to meet the needs of the youngest group of UBB’s present and potential clients – aged from 18 up to 25 years, inclusive.

Digital generation people, living in their smartphones and being masters of new technologies will be pleased with the opportunity to apply for tailor-made banking products and services, directly via the mobile app.

The Full Access youth package includes a current account in Bulgarian leva, without fees for opening and monthly maintenance, contactless debit card of the Mastercard® brand from UBB with two modern and fresh designs to choose from, all this directly via the mobile app. The debit card in the package is free of charge in terms of issuance and cash withdrawal at UBB ATMs and can be topped up with an attractive accessory for contactless payments.

Apart from Full Access young people will have access to UBB Mobile banking, which they can use for fast and easy effecting of transactions, bank accounts and card inquiries, payment of utility bills, tuition fees, rentals and others.

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive additions to the package is the access to the Bright Club loyalty programme of Mastercard®. Via it young people may use attractive discounts, preferential conditions and special offers at more than 100 preferred commercial locations in Bulgaria – clubs, cafes, shops, online sites and others.

Full Access is also being promoted with an attractive Bring a Friend mechanism, which may win them a present from the Bank.

„The new reality, which COVID-19 has brought into our lives, has challenged us to reconsider the bigger part of our daily routine, including the access to banking services. As early as of June we offered people the opportunity to become UBB clients end-to-end via the mobile app, without visiting a branch of the Bank. Now we also promote a fully digital solution, targeting young people – Full Access via UBB Mobile. This is the choice of the independent and free-minded young people, whom we give the opportunity to grab their banking package and obtain access to their money, to concerts and parties, when such events come back at full speed in our lives, travel around Bulgaria and the globe, use paid mobile apps and games – i.e. to make their first steps in their financial independence.“, commented Peter Andronov, Chief Executive Officer of UBB and Country Manager of KBC Group for Bulgaria. „We hope that this new way of banking and connection with the Bank will also mould the future attitude of those clients towards us and their demand for even more digital services at a higher level of innovation.“, said Peter Andronov in conclusion.