BCause Foundation gave out the “Get Ready to Succeed” scholarships to 88 disadvantaged children and young people

For the 15th year BCause Foundation gives out the “Get Ready to Succeed” scholarships to 88 excellent students and pupils at 11th and 12th grades. The programme helps children and young people, having lost one or both parents or having grown up at specialized institutions, to continue their education.

During the 2020-2021 academic year “Get Ready to Succeed” grantees have become a total of 88 people, 24 of them are double orphans or have been raised at an institution.

The total value of the scholarships this year is BGN 166 100. The scholarships are provided entirely from donors – more than 20 companies and many individual payroll givers.

“We are thankful to all our donors to the “Get Ready to Succeed” program, who, in a time of crisis, except for urgent support to the frontline medics and the hospitals throughout the country, also chose to make a long-term investment in the education of 88 young people, who chose studying to be their path to success!”, Vesselina Yordanova of BCause Foundation said.

The Covid-19 crisis once again and more vividly showed the problems of the health system in Bulgaria: the lack of personnel, the low payment for doctors and nurses, as well as the volunteering young specializing doctors need to deliver in order to start working. Besides, the future doctors and nurses have the biggest restrictions when having to work to support their studies and need to study and specialize for a long time, receiving an incredibly low income during that period. Here’s why for the 15th year in a row the scholarships for excellent students were increased to BGN 2500 annually and were given to medical students with priority.

The 2020-2021 “Get Ready to Succeed” scholarship was given to 33 excellent students: 26 in Medicine, 3 in Nursing, 1 – Medical Physics, 3 – Dental Practice.

All of them have very good marks, and two have only excellent marks without exceptions and have been our grantees during the whole period of their studies. Five of the medical students are double orphans or have been raised at an institution. One of the grantees has been a volunteer at a COVID ward at the Military Hospital in Sofia.

Except for medical students, the “Get Ready to Succeed” Scholarship gives support to students in other degrees, who have very good marks, but meet financial difficulties. The special scholarships are given to 18 students – double orphans or having grown up at institutions, 4 physical disadvantages and 2 have extremely low income. Among them are a 2020 Bulgarian chess vice-champion – instructor at the International Chess Federation and a chess referee; a grantee, who is about to publish a novel and a grantee, whose story has inspired a novel.

During the 2020-2021 academic year the “Get Ready to Succeed” scholarship was also given to 37 pupils at the 11th and 12th grade from 26 towns and villages in Bulgaria. 7 of them are double orphans or have been raised at an institution. The annual scholarship for them is BGN 1,000, and the requirement – to have excellent results at school. We believe that in this way we continue supporting excellent students from poor families, who are at risk of dropping out of school because of financial difficulties.

The “Get Ready to Succeed” Scholarship is a programme by BCause Foundation in partnership with “Orphan” Foundation since 2006. The scholarships are granted by donations and the leading criteria is the results at school by the candidates. The number of the scholarships depends on the money raised throughout the year.

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