Security Operations Center Based On Next-Generation Systems

Security Operations Center (SOC) Mnemonica as a Service is a subscription-based offering whereby organizations outsource threats detection and response to incidents and their investigation. When turning an Internal (SOC) into an external service, external cybersecurity experts are able to monitor events, logs, devices, the cloud environment, and the corporate network for already known, and evolving advanced threats.

Mnemonics provides its clients with a team of cybersecurity experts dedicated to monitoring, detecting, and investigating threats throughout the organization. In some cases, threats can be removed by the hired security team, but in others, the SOC team works in close partnership with internal IT staff to eliminate them.

SOC Mnemonica is the eyes of its customers, through which potential danger, possible loss, and malicious behavior can be seen. The use of the service provides an opportunity not only to protect but also to preserve information in the organization, without hindering the work of systems and employees. Business protection no longer consists of restricted access and rights.

The continuous monitoring in SOC Mnemonica provides the perfect balance between controlled access and security. It can offer 24×7 or 9×5 monitoring without requiring significant investment in security software, hardware, and other infrastructure. Instead, our customers can quickly access SOCs and begin monitoring cyber threats, effectively improving security and information security.

The primary target to SOC is:
  • Prevent penetration;
  • Stop information exfiltration;
  • Analyze data/meta data flows;
  • Triage cyber incidents.

Organizations that take their cybersecurity policy seriously can quickly realize how significant the cost and time it will take to hire security experts, negotiate and purchase security software and infrastructure, install and configure SOC, and then to start working to monitor threats.