In the SeeNews TOP 100 SEE: UCB is the highest in the ranking of Bulgarian banks

UniCredit Bulbank retains its sixth place in the ranking of the 100 best banks of SeeNews for the region of Southeast Europe (SEE). The bank is the first largest among the Bulgarian participants and the only representative of the country in the Top 10.

The SeeNews TOP 100 ranking includes three main categories in which the best companies in the SEE region compete: SEE TOP 100 Companies, TOP 100 Banks and TOP 100 Insurers. Companies in the banking sector are classified according to the total volume of their assets.

“Today, as the health crisis continues to rage across the continents, the pace of global economic recovery remains largely uncertain, as do the prospects for a rapid return to growth in the region”, said Nevena Krasteva, editor-in-chief of SeeNews TOP 100 SEE.

“This new recognition for the bank, to be the highest ranked by Bulgarian banks and in the prestigious sixth place for the whole region, is proof for us that we follow the right strategy – to base our priorities on the preferences of users of our services. Thanks to the acceleration of all our digital projects, we can offer our customers security, partnership and support in the challenging situation, so that we can be part of the solution in this crisis”, said Teodora Petkova, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of UniCredit Bulbank.

According to official data for the first nine months, UniCredit Bulbank occupies the leading position on the market in terms of assets (BGN 23.1 billion), deposits (BGN 18.7 billion) and loans to customers (BGN 12.7 billion).