A1 Bulgaria and Prosveta publishing house encourage the e-education

A1 and Prosveta publishing house launched a new campaign, which would promote the e-learning education in the country with the help of the digital technologies. Everyone who activate an e-education subscription until the end of 2020 can test the e-learning platform of Prosveta for free for a period of 30 days.

The content of the platform is created based on the curricula of the Ministry of Education and Science and is suitable for textbook learners from all publishers. A1 will also provide free traffic to e-prosveta.bg until the end of the year for its mobile service customers. That way their children would be able to study without taking away from the megabytes at maximum speed included in their subscription.

E-prosveta.bg is an interactive educational platform, specially created for students and teachers. There are electronic textbooks in all subjects available in it, as well as cognitive books created according to the programs of the Ministry of Education and Science. The platform contains also hundreds of video lessons and short e-lessons, fully in line with the peculiarities of digital technologies, which manage to keep the students’ attention with synthesized and at the same time attractive information.

More details you may find here.