Thanksgiving Charity Mission – Two Inspiring Stories

Even in a semi-lockdown we can do good for those who are our future medical doctors and nurses. That’s why AmCham Bulgaria and BCause Foundation combine efforts to raise funds for scholarships for orphans or semi-orphans who are studying medical specialties in Bulgaria. This will be our investment in their future to stay in Bulgaria.

Combining efforts and funds we can make a difference by investing in the future of medical workers of Bulgaria. So, please use the bank account to transfer your donation. The BCause Foundation team will facilitate the logistics and will provide the report in the process.

Nikol – the sunshine with the white apron

Nikol Goranova is 6th grade students in Medical University, Sofia. She studies Medicine and she is an excellent student. Nikol is a real sunshine! She is from Mezdra, a small town near Sofia. She lives with her mother, who is with Kidney disease and needs financial support too.

Nikol is an excellent student, but also always eager to help people in need. She is a volunteer in “Summer for Joy, Autumn for Care” program helping the free medical examinations of elderly people in small villages.

Last year Nikol was an intern in the Clinic of Endoscopic Surgery at the Military Medical Academy.

Dr. Panev – the doctor who is children’s friend

Sheip Panev comes from Yakoruda, too. He lost his dad as a small boy. We are proud that Sheip was nominated for “Revival Person of the Year 2019” by the Bulgarian National Radio.

In addition to being an excellent student, Sheip volunteered and in his spare time, he helped sick people. He was a part of “Summer for Joy, Autumn for Care” programme helping the free medical examinations of elderly people in small villages. Now, Sheip is a pediatric trauma doctor in Pirogov and again takes active part in children screenings at Sofia kindergartens.

Sheip has been a scholarship fellow for 6 years. He graduated in 2019

Get Ready for Success

AmCham Bulgaria has been partnering with BCause Foundation in “Get Ready for Success” Program for more than a decade now. Our members have supported more than 150 students through the years – directly or via the famous Thanksgiving Charity Dinner. Now we all can switch to something more practical and inspiring: you and your companies can donate directly to this cause.

For 15th year BCause Foundation (a proud AmCham member) gives out the “Get Ready to Succeed” scholarships to excellent students and pupils in the 11th and 12th grades. During the 2020-2021 Academic Year, a total of 88 young people (24 of them double orphans or raised at institutions) have become grantees. In 2020 BCause prioritized students studying Medicine and Nursing and gave scholarships to 33 of them: 26 – Medicine, 3 – Nursing, 1 – Medical Physics, 3 – Dental Practice. Many of them are volunteering at COVID wards throughout the country now.

Give to:

IBAN: BG47RZBB91551009749244 (BCause Foundation)

And contact BCause Foundation for certificates and more information – Elitsa Barakova, [email protected]