JobTiger Reduces the Prices for 2021 Events – in Support of the Labor Market

The new JobTiger Wallet service optimizes costs and risks for the participating companies.

A few days ago, the oldest organizer of career forums in our country – JobTiger – successfully held its last 2020 event – Virtual Career Days in the economic sectors – and began intensive work on the calendar of events in 2021.

Despite the medical and economic crisis and the restrictions on holding events, this year JobTiger did not give up their mission to support the bond between business, education, and job seekers. In 2020, the company once again proved that it is the organizer of the largest and with no substitute in our country career events (live and online). During the year were realized successfully 4 live forums in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Gabrovo and 6 Virtual Career Days for the whole country. These events met 170 companies with 8,900 jobseekers, with 9,210 being the online interviews alone.

In the current crisis, which also severely affects the labor market, JobTiger recognizes the importance of continuing to be the best intermediary between job seekers and employers. 2020 has not been easy and both people and companies are facing challenges, uncertainty, and unpredictability at all levels. The risks in cost planning are high and budgeting has become a complex task with many unknowns. Therefore, although even in the HR industry the prices of services are rising, JobTiger will not only keep, but reduce the prices for participation in its events! With the new JobTiger Wallet prepaid plan, companies can now achieve the best results from current conditions. JobTiger Wallet is a way for companies to cut costs while having more freedom of planning without losing the chance to be the first in 2021 to meet some of the best candidates on the job market.

More information about the events and JobTiger Wallet can be found here.