2.9 Million Readers Chose Investor Media Group’s Online Media in November

A record number of readers trusted the online media of Investor Media Group in November, which gave the media group with the most diverse journalistic portfolio of channels on the market, the largest growth in its history so far.

According to Gemius metrics, in November Investor Media Group reached 62% of the Internet audience, which means that 2.9 million users have chosen to be informed by the group’s online media, making Investor Media Group the second most preferred group in Bulgaria.

The growth in November is a continuation of the constant increasing of readers who trust the diverse and established journalistic channels of the media group, as only for the last 12 months the market share of the group has grown by 10 percentage points. At the same time, the figures show that for the past year Investor Media Group has managed to significantly and sustainably expand its coverage, reaching 15% more users in the first 11 months of the year compared to 2019.

Impressive achievements were reached by almost all media from the group’s portfolio. The most read website for economic news and the undisputed leader in the segment is Investor.bg. According to Gemius, in November the site’s unique visitors exceeded 941,000, which is an increase of 4 percent compared to October, an increase of 63% on an annual basis and assigns the economic media a market share of 20% (8 percentage points more than year earlier).

The site of the national polythematic television Bulgaria ON AIR – Bgonair.bg also achieved exceptional results. Visitors to it reached a record number in November – over 994,000 according to Gemius.

This is the second consecutive month with historical growth for the site of the polythematic television, and compared to its good results in October, now bgonair.bg marks an even greater increase – by 59 %. On an annual basis, the website’s audience had increased more than 5 times, and the market share had increased by as much as 15 percentage points to reach 21%. At the same time, the direct traffic to bgonair.bg grew to the impressive 98%, which shows that more and more users choose to inform themselves about the most important news from the site of Bulgaria ON AIR.

In early November, bgonair.bg added new functionality to its website, thus creating a free digital portfolio of TV series. On the TV website everyone can watch the missed episodes of their favorite series after the broadcast – at a convenient time, completely free and accessible.

Among the most read news websites in Bulgaria is also Dnes.bg. In November, the news website from Investor Media Group’s portfolio also reported a significant increase in its users. Over 1,200,000 million people have chosen to trust the speed and quality of news in Dnes.bg, which is 9 % more compared to October and а 14% growth on an annual basis, which deservedly the media has gained a leading market share of 26% among the most read news sites in Bulgaria.

Record results and impressive growth are also achieved by the specialized thematic portals from the portfolio of Investor Media Group, which over the years had proven as leaders in their segments. Among them is the automobile media Automedia.bg. The website not only did register an increase in its visits, but also noted its best achievement so far and a growth of 52% on an annual basis.

At the same time, in November over 1,000,000 people have chosen to trust the health portal Puls.bg for competent and reliable information directly from medical professionals, which is an increase of 17% compared to a month earlier and 21% compared to the same period last year.

The website for martial arts and sports Boec.bg also marked a big increase in traffic. In November, its audience reached a record over 248,000 users, a growth of 64% on a monthly basis and of 56% compared to last year.

Growth in the audience are also reported by the sites intended for the female audience – the lifestyle portal dedicated to fashion and beauty Tialoto.bg, and the favorite online media of the modern woman and housewife Az-jenata.bg. In November, over 688,000 users visited Az-jenata.bg, which is an 18% growth on an annual basis, and Tialoto.bg managed to attract the interest of over 364,000 fans of the selective cosmetics and high fashion. The growth in the traffic of Tialoto.bg is by 13% on a monthly basis and by the impressive 46% on year-to-year basis.

The impressive results are another proof of the trust that consumers vote Investor Media Group. The key of the group’s success is its wide portfolio of established information sources, which are leaders in their segments and among the most respectable brands in the business news, entertainment content and expert information.

The group’s polythematic portfolio consists of the full range of media products, with an increased focus on providing quality video content, and includes the national polythematic television Bulgaria ON AIR, the business channel Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, over 16 leading online media and sites in various segments, Radio Bulgaria ON AIR, as well as the magazines Bulgaria ON AIR The Inflight Magazine, Investor Digest and GO ON AIR The Traveler’s Magazine.